Library Modernization

Tom Gross the IVC High School Librarian has approached the IVC Educational Foundation with an urgent need, the modernization of our school libraries.  School libraries have always served to support learning, provide resources for teachers, and foster of love of reading.  Now with the increasing need to teach students 21st century skills and the new Common Core Standards, the school library system has an even greater role in the education of our students.

The library modernization project will introduce two main changes to our libraries.  These changes will be the availability of e-readers and tablet computers to serve as tools to our students and teachers.   These tools will provide multiple benefits to our students that include:

 E-Readers will allow students to:

  • Check out e-books and learn to interact with text in an electronic format.
  • Highlight text and save it for later viewing when they open that book.
  • Gain access to a large collection of popular fiction and nonfiction e-books

 Tablets will:

  • Enhance student learning by giving easy access to the Internet for research.
  • Allow exploration of interactive books in the library.
  • Prepare students to succeed in college by providing access to research databases similar to those utilized by universities.
  • Give access to apps that help supplement curriculum taught in classrooms.