Dennis works with his brother at OLSA Property Management, LLC, they own and rent several properties to local businesses in Peoria.  Dennis has a wife, Shari, and one son; Jack who is a Junior at IVC High School. The Owens were both born in Peoria, got married in 1998 and then moved to Chillicothe.  This is Dennis 5th  year on the Foundation board.The IVC Foundation, like any other Foundation, should be the base of any meaningful structure. In this case the IVC Foundation helps support IVC District 321. Over the years I have watched State and Federal money dry up causing IVC to make hard decisions. The Foundation is small right now but over time we may be able to change that, and make it a proper foundation to IVC District 321. I would like to see the Foundation grow large enough, that it would be able to take over parts of District 321 budget. Giving District 321 a lot more choices.